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GoPro Hero 3+ | Change SSID and Password | Stream video over WiFi network

Want to change the GoPro Here 3+ WiFi SSID and Password? Here's the most simplest way of doing it by using your MicroSD card and some configuration files.

Here's the configuration file for GoPro Hero3+. Download it
UPDATE.zip (587B)

Thise zip file contains two files
  • settings.in
  • update.11.txt

you need to edit the file called settings.in, open it in your favorite text editor and you will see a texts like this
This is actually a JSON data. What you need to change here is the value of "ssid" and "password" that contains a values "GoProHere3+" as the ssid and "goprehero" for the password. Now change those values to what ever you like.

Save it and copy the "UPDATE" folder in the root of MicroSD card. Now you will have something like this
You do not have to worry about deleting that folder because GoPro will do it for you after the update.

I think if you want to do this in your GoPro Here 3, you need to rename the file "update.11.txt" to "update.10.txt" try it!

So that's it! easy enough

ShowCoG Application for UAVs

ShowCoG application shows the Center of Gravity in real time based on component's weight and position on the base like quadcopter or plane. 

I think this application is important when you're trying to plan where you want to put your components on your UAVs. For a multicopter, the reason why you need to have a well balanced multicopter is to not make your other motors suffer too much work like for example in miniquads where most of the builds has the battery located at the back causing the two motors at the back work too much to level the miniquad.

Here's a video showing a demo for miniquad and delta wing plane

and finally, here's the download file

Blue Ribbon Committee

Blue Ribbon Committee 
Agenda: P.S. Res. No. 826 - Alleged overpricing of the 11-storey new Makati City Hall II Parking Building

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4 - Ocular Inspection

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7 - Part 1

Session 7 - Part 2

Session 8